Yes Energy Privacy Notice

Yes Energy, LLC is committed to protecting your privacy. Yes Energy is also committed to providing a truly superior product experience for our customers. Delivering on both of these commitments requires collecting, analyzing and protecting Product and Website use data. 

This Privacy Notice describes how and why Yes Energy collects and manages data such as interactions with our public website (, “Website”) or our product (, “Product”).

Personal and Company Data We Collect

We collect Personal Data about you when you provide such data directly to us or when Personal Data is automatically collected in connection with your use of our Website and Product. The Personal Data we may collect from individuals is limited to the following:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Telephone number

  • Any other Personal Data you may choose to share with us

When you interact with our Website, we may collect additional Company Data that could include the following:

  • IP Address

  • Device type

  • Browser type

When you subscribe to our Product, we may collect additional Company Data that could include the following:

  • Company name

  • Address

  • Telephone number

  • How the company uses Yes Energy products it subscribes to

  • IP Address

  • Device type

  • Browser type

  • Credentials utilized in ISO regions your company licenses from Yes Energy, only if offered and only for Products that require those credentials

Purposes for which we process Personal Data and Company Data

No businesses, especially online software vendors, can effectively deliver services without collecting and processing some amount of Personal Data and Company Data.  We need this information for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Providing and protecting your access to the Product

  • Monitoring traffic on our public Website

  • Offering certain valuable Product features such as Submission Services

  • Retaining your settings within our Products

  • Providing you with high quality support and training 

  • Processing your billing transactions

  • Keeping you up to date regarding new product features 

  • Analyzing Product use to aid in development, UI design, Yes Energy’s staffing investments and to improve the overall experience of our Product

  • To comply with any legal obligations 

We only collect and process your Personal Data and Company Data to the extent it is necessary for fulfilling these purposes. Where required, we will ask you for your consent prior to processing.

Items we consider Market Strategy Information and how we approach this collection

We collect data when you use our Product for the purposes outlined above. This data is essential in helping Yes Energy support and develop our products to best serve your needs. We understand that your use of our Product may include sensitive information about your market and trading strategies. This warrants further care on Yes Energy’s part and we take this responsibility very seriously.

While we currently only use internal tools to track usage, we are in the process of testing an external (“third party”) tool to achieve the above stated goals. Outlined below is our approach to ensuring your Market Strategy Information is protected.

What do we collect internally?

We define Market Strategy Information as any information that could be used to deduce a market strategy. We classify this information as anything containing “who, where, when, and how” data about your market participation. 

Our collection and processing of this data is for system reliability purposes only. This information is only accessed as needed to ensure a customer’s ability to use the information themselves, for instance when accessing a saved portfolio or node collection. We maintain strict access privilege and credentialing policies that ensure only the necessary number of staff have access to this data.

What will we collect via third party tools?

Yes Energy will employ the service of several third party tools to aid in collecting data about interactions with our Website and usage of our Product. 

All data collected about our public Website usage is native to the website software platform and is restricted to standard data capture such as IP address, browser type, and device type.

In order to protect your Market Strategy Information we are very intentional in what Product usage we do not collect using third party tools. 

For clarity, below is a list of what third party tools will not collect:

  • Any personal identifying information

  • Any company identifying information

  • Any attributes that could be tied back to specific Market Strategy Information such as:

    • Position hours

    • Specific node/object names or geographic information outside of which ISO they belong to

  • Any credential data whether specific to Yes Energy products or ISO participation

  • Any fields with manual text entry, for instance naming a portfolio

The anonymous version of this data is housed based on the data policies of the third party tool. The user-attributed version of this data lives in our internal database. We maintain strict access privilege and credentialing policies that ensure only the necessary number of staff have access to this data.

Contacting Us

If you have questions regarding our privacy practices, please contact Yes Energy support at: