Quick signals
  • Super fast ISO market monitoring

  • Configure an unlimited number of dashboards

  • Create hundreds of  key market indicators

  • Custom alerts to keep up with critical events

  • Stay connected with QuickSignals Mobile

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  • Live updates - all of the valuable ISO market data

  • Prices, constraints, outages, weather, load

  • Custom text, email and screen alert messages and sounds

  • Drag-and-drop dashboard widgets make dashboard configuration easy

  • Create and share unlimited dashboards

  • Mobile app keeps you alerted on the go

  • Drill from QuickSignals’ dynamic display to PowerSignals’ history and analytics


QuickSignals translates market noise to your signal.  Configure custom dashboards to highlight the trading indicators that alert you to enter or exit a position.  Low-latency data delivery to your dashboard means you’ll be on top of opportunities as they materialize in real time. Traders use QuickSignals every day to stay on top of market movement.

Easy to Configure Custom Dashboarding

Use easy drag-and-drop functionality to build one (or many) custom dashboards that monitor what’s important to you. QuickSignals has pre-built widgets like tickers for prices and constraints, live load curves, volatility indicators and time series graphs.  It also delivers the ability to calculate your own series of indicators and custom watchlists. Monitor your special watchlist of locations or metrics via the QuickSignals Mobile app.

Flexible Alert Settings

You control the alert conditions, format and frequency via easy-to-use templates.  Alerts can be set on prices, standard indicators and your custom indicators.  Receive your alerts via email and SMS so you never miss the signal.

PowerSignals Integration

QuickSignals is part of Yes Energy’s unified suite of power trader tools so it’s easy to drill down from a single tick on the QuickSignals dashboard to the robust history and analytics in PowerSignals.

Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Along with onsite training and our extensive library of online tutorials, QuickSignals includes access to our dedicated, on-call support staff. LEARN MORE >>

Yes Energy is an awesome company; extremely customer focused and committed to continuous improvement!
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