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Effortless Visibility into Energy Trading Risk Management and Performance.

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Nodal power markets are constantly evolving. Recently, the markets have experienced a surge in market defaults and extreme weather-related volatility. In this environment, it’s essential that participants have a solution that allows them to easily monitor the risk being taken and the resulting profit and loss (P&L) generated with their nodal trading activities.

As leaders in nodal power markets, Yes Energy® knows your business. FTRs and virtuals have been our primary focus for over a decade, and with our energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solution Position Management we provide unprecedented visibility into what’s driving your trading organization.


  • FTR Mark-to-Market - Explore unrealized gains or losses your organization holds by marking-to-market (MtM) open FTR positions with our industry-standard, independent process

  • Deal Capture - See independent capture of cleared trades, so all your data is in one secure location

  • Fully Customizable Dashboard - Create customized insights based on the information most important to you - save them and share your customized insights with the rest of your organization 

  • Risk Metrics - Utilize industry-standard risk metrics, which include value at risk (VaR) and stress testing

  • Scheduled Report Delivery - Set the schedule you need and receive the position reporting you care about, delivered directly to your inbox

  • API Integration - Easily integrate position data and metrics like P&L, MtM, and VaR with your in-house reporting and ETRM systems using a library of dependable, easy-to-use APIs  

  • Account Management - Easily add or remove traders from the deal capture system, monitor trader certificates, and more

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Comfortably Expand Your Market Participation and Support Healthy Markets into the Future.

Position Management provides the nodal power market middle office with a turnkey, consolidated ETRM software solution for oversight of your trading activities. We handle the deal capture and secure storage of transactions across FTRs, virtuals, and spreads with easy-to-set-up market connections. On top of these captured transactions, we generate industry-standard metrics like P&L, mark-to-market, and VaR. We deliver this all to your team through automated email reporting, a visual middle office dashboard, and easy-to-integrate data API.  

Interested in seeing the auction results, P&L and MtM for all market participants?

Check out our FTR Positions Dataset - a premium dataset offering from Yes Energy.


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“Yes Energy is an awesome company; extremely customer focused and committed to continuous improvement!”
Stephanie Staska

Stephanie Staska
Director of Trading
and Risk Products

"Delivering clear visibility around trading risk and performance, our Position Management solution allows trading organizations to comfortably expand their participation and support a healthy market into the future."


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