Support to meet your every need.

From the inception of Yes Energy in 2008 we’ve partnered with our customers to build and tailor solutions that meet their needs. Today, close and long term customer relationships continue to be a key part of the Yes Energy culture. Our aim is to deepen the value that our customers gain from using our solutions.

We do that through a multi-faceted Customer Support Program that is included with a Yes Energy product license. It leverages every member of the Yes Energy team in an effort to know, meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Not only are your products great, but the value you place on your clients is exceptional. Companies throw the word ‘relationship’ around a lot and it usually means nothing. Your shop truly builds relationships.


User education - any way you need it!

We have a robust education program to help users get more out of our solutions:  

  • Onsite, virtual and online video instruction

  • Webinars -- users tips & tricks, use cases and more

  • Basic through advanced use case trainings

  • Power market fundamentals - Energy Markets 101, FTR 101, LMP 101


We love to visit our users!

We think that spending time with each customer in their offices is a great way to deepen a business relationship. Users request visits or we suggest them at least once a year. We like to do onsite training, listen to users’ questions, collect enhancement requests and hear about new needs that we can say “yes” to. And we love it when customers visit us too!


User-Driven Development

Saying Yes to customers means that in every single twice-a-month release we add user-requested features-- from simple tool enhancements to major analytic applications to new market data.  Each year our user-based Steering Committee meets to suggest and vote on large and small product initiatives for us to develop and add to our solutions in the coming year.


Yes Energy Summit

Most of our users attend our annual user gathering, the Yes Energy Summit. This two-day event has an engaging agenda packed with useful education and Yes Energy solution updates. It’s a great opportunity to spend face-to-face time with our team and to rub shoulders with other power market participants. It culminates with the very important Steering Committee Meeting where our users tell us what we should develop in the coming year.

Customer service

Included with PowerSignals, QuickSignals, DataSignals and RiskSignals Licensees

Call or email and get an immediate response to questions, comments, ideas or funny stories. Or get advice on how to apply our solution to your specific problem or workflow. Our hotline is staffed by the Yes Energy folks who develop our solutions-- ensuring a very helpful experience in real time! or 303.993.2773


Custom Solutions


Yes Energy’s custom solutions team builds and maintains decision support solutions for individual customer needs. Often these solutions integrate with our products and leverage the market data and/or users’ proprietary data.  Examples of custom solutions include:

  • Custom risk models
  • ARR allocation process and analytics
  • FTR inventory management and analytics

To learn more contact: