strategic partners

Boosting Power Market Strategies with Accuracy and Vision

The volume of energy and electricity data is increasing at an unprecedented rate.  This vast amount of energy data presents an opportunity to balance the grid more efficiently, increase sustainability, and improve customer service.  Yes Energy’s strategic partnership with Live Power allows market participants to:

  • Make critical decisions with ease 

  • Boost confidence in portfolio strategies 

  • Quickly and confidently adapt action plans amid unpredictable events

Live Power utilizes the newest technology to provide 60-second real-time generation and transmission data in PJM, ERCOT, SPP, and MISO. Paired with Yes Energy’s data and solutions, Live Powers data offers customers the ability to leverage accurate, real-time data alongside the most extensive nodal energy market data available, providing a distinct competitive advantage to players in the markets.

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DATA partners

Yes Energy is your source for all of the key market data you need, which is why we partner with market leaders who are the best at what they do. Their data and ours, together in the Yes Energy platform, helps you trade smarter. If you subscribe to any of the vendors below and you subscribe to one of Yes Energy’s products, you can access the data in Yes Energy for no additional charge, as long as we support that vendor’s product in our platform. Reach out to to learn more!

Vaisala’s renewable generation forecasts provide current and forward-looking guidance for rapidly changing market conditions. Yes Energy has integrated Vaisala’s windfarm and regional forecasts into our analytical tools to provide insight into localized congestion as well as broad market patterns.

IIR Energy’s generator outage information provides critical supply-side insight for traders. Yes Energy combines IIR’s proprietary content with a full range of market information to give you a better view of the underlying market fundamentals.

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PRT, an Enverus company uses multiple forecasting techniques to generate load forecasts for power markets. Yes Energy tools take advantage of PRT’s frequent updates and highly accurate forecasts to give you a better understanding of where the market is heading.

Weather information is mission-critical for traders. Atmospheric G2 (formerly WSI) has deep experience in all facets of providing weather forecasts and information make them a trusted resource for energy and commodity markets.

TESLA, Inc. produces proven demand forecasting solutions wherever the energy industry has forecasting challenges.  They provide suites of forecasting tools designed to help you make the most informed decisions possible when buying and selling in any of the organized North American wholesale markets. TESLA also custom builds solutions to provide utilities insight to the specific topography of their service territories. Yes Energy has incorporated TESLA's Tier 1 and Tier 2 wholesale market load forecasts for the following ISOs: PJM, ERCOT, CAISO, MISO, ISO-NE, and NYISO.