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Win the Day Ahead with Yes Energy 

Yes Energy® is how traders, power companies, and asset managers and developers can finally make sense of the complex, rapidly changing power market. You get accurate and timely data, comprehensive tools, and a specialized partner to help you make the right decisions every day.

It’s time to Win the Day Ahead™. And it takes three things to do that. Better Data – constantly updated from public, partner, and proprietary sources, then cleaned and standardized for ease of use. Better Delivery – with flexible options, whether you need an all-in-one solution for analyzing and making trades, or an API, data lake, or cloud-based database. And Better Direction – from a proactive team of power market and technology experts who’ve been in your shoes before.

Only Yes Energy brings you this unique combination of Better Data, Better Delivery, and Better Direction. That’s why so many power market leaders from hedge funds to renewable developers to trading firms all rely on us to help them Win the Day Ahead. 



Yes Energy Philosophy

Why are we called Yes Energy?

Our business was founded on the principle of saying Yes to customers. We think that our customers have great ideas and believe in saying Yes to them as often as possible. Our culture is infused with a “can do” spirit and a drive to do more to help power market participants make great decisions.

What are we dedicated to?

Our customers, of course. We care deeply about power markets, and support the pursuit of efficient markets by delivering the quickest and most accurate  market information and insight. We believe in the power of open and competitive markets to assure reliable and low cost supply of electricity to everyone. We also believe that to support our customers we need to be just as dedicated to our employees by ensuring a culture and environment that inspires our team.

Who are we now?

We’re a team of energy and information professionals who really think that power market data is fun. We love to collect and integrate huge amounts of real time energy information and make sense of it for our customers. We’re top notch energy analysts, database gurus, application developers, and economists, and are dedicated to keeping up with power markets as they evolve. We take responsibility for quickly solving sticky market data problems so our customers don’t have to.

Where are we headed?

We actively partner with our customers to implement their feedback to build cutting edge tools and data sets. As such, we continue to grow and expand. Because we succeed when our customers succeed.

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