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Quinn Gray
Product Manager

"Nodal power markets are complex, unique, and constantly evolving. In this dynamic environment, it's crucial to have a visual solution at your fingertips that allows for a comprehensive analysis of the grid's components and the variables that can drive pricing." 


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Plan Smarter Market Moves with Actionable Power Market Data

PowerSignals® is a dynamic solution that simplifies huge amounts of detailed market data by transforming it into actionable insight. PowerSignals’ intuitive modules enable you to leverage high quality data to understand market patterns and inform trading positions, hedging strategy, or dispatching decisions. Visualize ISO data such as nodes, nodal prices, transmission lines, generation and transmission outages, constraints, power plants, weather, and gas prices all on one map. For further analysis, PowerSignals allows you to easily drill down into more detailed maps, charts, and tables. Plan smarter market moves with access to historical data that dates back to the market’s inception or view real-time data within minutes of when the ISO or other primary data sources publishes it. With Yes Energy’s data experts behind PowerSignals, you never have to worry about data corrections or updates—PowerSignals will automatically pull in the latest data. 


  • Real-time updates
  • Extensive data history enabling historical analysis
  • Standardizes data across ISOs & third-party data providers
  • Dynamic platform that is continuously updated with latest market data
  • Integrated view of market drivers
  • Market screening tools
  • Price, constraints, outages, weather, load—in the regions relevant to you
  • Charts, graphs, and watchlists
  • Live price maps, drill down to details
  • Portfolio management tools
  • FTR trading and tracking tools
  • Daily P&L performance reporting
  • DART Constraint Analysis
  • Alerting on relevant transmission and generation outages


PowerSignals incorporates analytic tools designed to support power market analysis. Using maps, charts, tables, and drilldowns, comprehensive power market data is displayed in valuable mapping and data visualizations that make datasets easier to understand. Each tool is informed by the collective input of PowerSignals users, keeping them closely aligned with common activities including market scans, price maps, time-series analysis, like-condition comparisons, performance distribution reports, nodal price analysis, constraint and outage profiles and more.

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“Yes Energy is an awesome company; extremely customer focused and committed to continuous improvement!”


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