NGI + Yes Energy

Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI)
Content Partnership

Yes Energy’s partnership with NGI gives our customers the ability to access critical natural gas price indexes without leaving our suite of products.

NGI serves as a trusted information source in North American natural gas markets, helping businesses across the value chain understand market fundamentals, new events, and price discovery to aid their business decisions. NGI currently publishes 170+ daily, 160+ midday, 150+ bidweek, and 70+ forward prices in the US and Canada. Through a partnership with the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), NGI includes ICE trade data in its proprietary price index determination process.

We know that natural gas has a critical impact on power prices and trading decisions, which is why we have integrated NGI’s data throughout our products. If you subscribe to Yes Energy, as well as one of the NGI products that we support, you can access that data in Yes Energy for no additional charge. This allows you to incorporate NGI’s natural gas data into your Yes Energy workflow without having to search for data in silos.

NGI natural gas daily pricing is
valuable for… 

  • Power Traders - Seamlessly visualize and gain valuable insights into the complex relationships between natural gas and power.

  • Asset Managers - Plan the scheduling of your asset using NGI’s next-day gas prices. 

  • Utilities - Understand the price dynamics between gas and power markets, which impacts the cost to service territory demand. 
  • Data Scientists - Access comprehensive, historical daily gas prices to feed your models.  Identify the correlation between gas prices and nodal power markets. 

Data Integration in Yes Energy:

Yes Energy provides NGI’s daily gas prices for Henry Hub and several aggregated hubs to all of our customers for no additional cost. The full granularity (170+ pricing locations) and history (since 2004) of NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index is available for trial and subscription through PowerSignals, QuickSignals, and DataSignals.


NGI Data & PowerSignals

Users can leverage NGI natural gas price data in many of the analytical modules in PowerSignals, including in the Time Series Analysis module and Like Day module.


NGI Data & QuickSignals

From a QuickSignals dashboard, you can add NGI data series to a variety of widgets to view their gas price indices alongside all of our other real-time data. You can also create alerts using NGI data in QuickSignals.


NGI Data & DataSignals

NGI data can be accessed within the DataSignals products allowing you to analyze and feed the data into your own custom models.

Want to Learn More About NGI?

Reach out to to learn more about our partnership with NGI or to learn how you can access your NGI data subscription in Yes Energy.

Click here to learn more about NGI products and to sign up for a free trial!