Yes Energy Customer Stories

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Altop Energy - Power Trading Firm

Company: Altop Energy, a mid-sized, sophisticated power trading and consulting firm, participating in the North American power markets. They deploy a Quantamental trading strategy, blending expertise in power flow modeling with a deep understanding of power market fundamentals to maximize returns for their investors.

Challenge: When Altop started their business in 2020, they needed access to trading research workflow tools to quickly launch their market participation across different segments of power markets.  

Solution: The founders formerly used Yes Energy’s industry-standard PowerSignals product at leading trading organizations. They adopted the same set of tools for their new venture.  

Results: Subscribing to PowerSignals enabled Altop to quickly access the market and put their investors’ capital to work. In two years, Altop grew at a lightning speed and were able to expand their trading activities in multiple markets across different products and be a full-fledged power trading house.

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Asset Manager - North America

Company: An owner/operator of wind, solar, transmission, and energy storage projects across North America. Trading and scheduling team manages multiple GW of renewable energy assets in the ERCOT, CAISO, and PJM ISOs. 

Challenge: Managing renewable generation assets in increasingly volatile markets requires accurate, reliable, high speed power market data feeds

Solution: The company chose Yes Energy’s QuickSignals solution to provide real-time market data via customized dashboards, allowing them the critical market signals to manage their assets.

Results: QuickSignals empowers the company to make better day-ahead and real-time energy scheduling decisions for their generation fleet. The ease of customizing QuickSignals allows their team to add new ISO data, create custom calculations, and manage text and email alerts so they have actionable market signals 24 hours a day.

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Independent Power Producer - Global

Company: The company operates a wide range of businesses around the world, from extracting and transporting fuel resources to generating power and selling electricity and natural gas. 

Challenge: The company needed to transform intuition-based trading tactics to scalable data-driven decisions, generating alpha and avoiding losses by collecting real-time data with little to no time latency, and facilitating origination by analyzing PPAs and bilateral transactions.

Solution: Yes Energy provides the company with comprehensive power market data, including historical LMPs, ancillaries, weather, congestion, and generation output. The company has access to real-time market conditions, including LMPs, frequency, generation outages, congestion, and more. They also utilize our robust APAs and cloud-based solutions (e.g. Data Lake), and have access to the details behind all major transactions reported to FERC.

Results: The company quickly expanded into new ISOs and was able to trade more products.


Small Virtual Trading Company

Customer: A small virtual trading company with minimal budget and no outside capital. 

Challenge: As a startup trading firm, the company didn’t have the time, staff, or advanced skills to build internal trading tools. With a short financial runway, the company needed to quickly and successfully overcome fixed costs.

Solution: The company adopted Yes Energy’s PowerSignals solution to quickly access the data and analytic tools needed to transform market data into actionable insights. PowerSignals helped the company rapidly grow its balance.

Results: As a result of the above solution, the company expanded its trading strategy and operations and exceeded their revenue goals YoY.