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 The atmospheric g2 (WSI) Partnership

Our partnership with Atmospheric G2 (formerly WSI) allows traders to see critical weather and load information in context with other market data in Yes Energy’s products.

Atmospheric G2 provides weather actuals, weather forecasts, and load forecasts to energy professionals. We know that weather and load have a critical impact on energy operations and trading decisions, which is why we have integrated Atmospheric G2’s data throughout our products. If you subscribe to Yes Energy, as well as one of the Atmospheric G2 products that we support (WSI Trader and WSI Load Forecasts), you can access that data in Yes Energy for no additional charge. This allows you to incorporate Atmospheric G2’s weather and load forecast data into your Yes Energy workflow without having to look at data in silos.

The Atmospheric G2 data is valuable for… 
  • Traders - Inform your bids with Atmospheric G2’s 15-day weather and load forecasts, as well as weather actuals.

  • Asset Managers - Plan your scheduling with Atmospheric G2’s 15-day weather forecasts in addition to their 15-day hourly load forecast, and react to real-time weather changes. 

  • Renewable Developers - Inform your predictions about the performance of your assets and make educated decisions about where to develop and what to bid into the day-ahead and real-time markets. 

Data Integration

We have integrated the Atmospheric G2’s 15-day weather and load forecasts, as well as weather actuals throughout a majority of Yes Energy’s products, including PowerSignals, QuickSignals, and DataSignals. 

Power signals

Atmospheric G2 Data in PowerSignals

  • Time Series Analysis - Access all of the available Atmospheric G2 data series from within this module where you can layer this data onto Yes Energy’s complete library of datasets (e.g., price, load, and weather data).

  • Forecast Vintages - Access vintages of Atmospheric G2’s weather and load forecasts, which allows you to see how forecasts change over time.

  • Like Day - Leverage Atmospheric G2’s forecasts (load and weather) and weather actuals in our Like Day module to find days in the past that are like tomorrow or another day in the future. 

  • Load Analysis - Layer in Atmospheric G2’s load forecasts against other load data in Yes Energy.

  • Map Modules - Layer in the current weather from Atmospheric G2 in any of our real-time map modules to see if the weather is playing a role in congestion and price spikes on the grid. 

Quick signals

Atmospheric G2 Data in QuickSignals -

From a QuickSignals Dashboard, you can add Atmospheric G2 data series to a variety of widgets to view their forecasts and weather actuals in real-time alongside all of our other real-time data. You can also create alerts using Atmospheric G2 data in QuickSignals.

Data signals

Atmospheric G2 Data in DataSignals - Atmospheric G2 data can be accessed within the DataSignals products allowing you to analyze and feed the data into your own custom models.

Want to learn more about Atmospheric g2?

Check out this interview with the Atmospheric G2 (formerly The Weather Company)!

Reach out to to learn more about our partnership with Atmospheric G2 or to learn how you can access the weather and load data you subscribe to from Atmospheric G2 within Yes Energy. Contact Atmospheric G2 here if you want to learn more about their products.