TESLA Forecasts

Forecasting for Informed Power Market Decisions

TESLA forecasting solutions enable you to make the most informed decisions possible when buying and selling in any of the organized North American wholesale markets. Forecasts are integrated right into Yes Energy’s dashboards and data, giving you access to highly accurate and reliable wholesale, grid, and utility level forecasts within Yes Energy’s intuitive tools.

Generated with proprietary forecasting engines, TESLA forecasting solutions feed comprehensive weather variables and calendar information to proprietary algorithms. The TESLA solution is an advanced regression model that uses detailed demand and weather observation history and incorporates the latest near-term data to respond to changing weather patterns, extreme weather events, and holidays that might impact energy demand. This is all backed by an expert team of analysts and engineers reviewing and maintaining every model, ensuring accurate and reliable forecasting.

TESLA Forecast

With TESLA Forecasts, You Get:

  • Highly accurate forecasts using an econometric model that is constantly tuned by a team of data analysts
  • Support from the analysts that manage the forecast to understand the why behind the forecast
  • Demand forecasts alongside Yes Energy’s real-time and comprehensive historical power market data for end-to-end market analysis in a single platform

TESLA Forecasts Are Valuable For: 

  • Power Traders – Be the first to know when weather events, changing conditions, and holidays will impact energy demand and get a leg up on the competition.
  • Utilities – Use custom topographies to forecast specific service territory demand.
  • Retailers – Gain an understanding of what the future demand will be.
  • Generators – Prepare for everything; know what to expect on typically less predictable days.
  • Grid Operators – Use accurate forecasts to predict demand and prepare to balance the grid.