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On Thursday, dive into recent market events and trends, and elevate your data analysis and forecasting skills with our product suite, guided by our customer success experts!

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Schedule 1:1 Time with Our Experts! 

Have questions or feedback about current or future product features? Would you benefit from some one on one time with a product and data expert for training or general Q&A? As part of our 2024 Summit attendees can schedule time to dig in on those details with any of the members of the Yes Energy Customer Success or Product Management teams.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is here to make sure you’re getting the most from your Yes Energy subscription. If you need a refresher on a particular module or modules, or are looking for recommendations to streamline your workflows, our Customer Success Managers are here to save the day:

Jodee Glass

As Director of Customer Operations, Jodee leads our support, training and customer success personnel. She is happy to help with more advanced PowerSignals topics and answer questions about our portfolio management and FTR tools, or discuss Yes Energy operations related topics such as our support services, maintenance process etc.

Schedule time with Jodee

Esther Hurbace

Esther is the Customer Success team expert for our DataSignals solutions. Schedule time with her to get to know the full suite of our DataSignals products and learn how you can automate your workflows with the help of those solutions.

Schedule time with Esther

Kevin Mottley

Schedule time with Kevin to discuss PowerSignals features and workflows and newly added features.

Schedule time with Kevin 

Alex Robertson

Schedule time with Alex to discuss PowerSignals features and workflows, QuickSignals, Live Power and newly added features.  

Schedule time with Alex

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Product Management

As the visionaries for our product evolution, our Product Management team is always eager to hear your feedback and gather ideas for how we can improve our products. 

Isaac Velander

As a founder and the VP of Product at Yes Energy, Isaac can answer all of your questions about the full suite of Yes Energy products and how they work together. Reach out to Isaac if you are interested in discussing new products or services that would help your business, or if you just want to learn more about the history of Yes Energy.

Schedule time with Isaac

Daniel Cullen

Daniel Cullen

Daniel is the Technical Product Manager for Position Management & Submission Services at Yes Energy. Schedule time with Daniel to talk about either of those products including options for automation. 

Schedule time with Daniel

Laura Fletcher

Laura is an Associate Product Manager at Yes Energy through The C Three Group acquisition. Schedule time with Laura for any questions you have about C Three or New Builds content! 

Schedule time with Laura

Quinn Gray

Quinn Gray

Quinn is the Product Manager for PowerSignals at Yes Energy. Take some time to chat with Quinn about ERCOT Unreported Outages, improving Yes Energy’s congestion analytics tools or any other ideas you have for the PowerSignals Product Roadmap. 

Schedule time with Quinn

Sam Lockshin

Sam is the Product Manager for the DataSignals products. Schedule time with Sam if you are interested in learning more about how Yes Energy’s data products delivery energy market data and fit into your tech stack. He is happy to share and discuss how new technology will be incorporated into the data products.

Schedule time with Sam

Emily Merchant

Emily is a Senior Product Manager at Yes Energy focused on setting the roadmap for PowerSignals, QuickSignals, and our data catalog (including partner data!). Schedule time with her if you are interested in learning more about our roadmap for these products or how to better leverage these products in your day-to-day workflow.

Schedule time with Emily

Nick Reinhardt

Nick Reinhardt

Nick is the Associate Product Manager for QuickSignals. Schedule time with Nick to chat about QuickSignals tips and tricks, share your new feature ideas, or the latest trends in ISO/RTO markets! 

Schedule time with Nick

Cliff Rose

Cliff Rose

Cliff is a Senior Product Manager at Yes Energy focused on building products that help power asset operators and developers leverage wholesale power market data in their decision-making. Be sure to schedule time with Cliff if you are interested in learning more about how you can leverage Yes Energy products and data to manage or develop power assets. 

Schedule time with Cliff

Stephanie Staska

Stephanie Staska

Stephanie is the Director of Trade and Risk Products at Yes Energy.  In this role she works with customers to help solve their Middle and Back Office needs. Schedule some time with Stephanie if you’re interested in discussing our Position Management solution (including FTR Mark to Market or FTR Risk Management).

Schedule time with Stephanie

Jacquie Witte

Jacquie is the Director of Product Operations. Schedule time with her to share your feedback and talk about all things related to shift factors and congestion analysis.

Schedule time with Jacquie

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