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Scott Nyquist

Scott Nyquist

Special Advisor, Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Company

The head of McKinsey's energy practice for 30 years, Scott will share his insights on the long term energy industry and energy transition outlook.

Kyri Baker

Kyri Baker

Assistant Professor and Faculty Director for Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado

Dr. Baker's research focuses on using AI / ML to better operate our power systems, and using AI / ML & powerflow modeling to incorporate more renewables in the grid.

Summit Guest Speakers 

Emmanuel Corral

Emmanuel Corral is a Senior Emissions Analyst at S&P Global Commodity Insights' Center of Emissions Excellence team, specializing in low carbon natural gas, including top-down satellite analysis of global methane emissions and flaring, in addition to working with LNG and certified natural gas markets. During his tenure at S&P Global, Emmanuel has covered North American regional natural gas supply and demand fundamentals with a particular emphasis on infrastructure projects as well as working on Mexico's natural gas and power markets. Emmanuel earned a B.S. in Geological Engineering and an M.S. in Petroleum Geology from Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado.

Emmanuel Corral


Patrick de Man

Patrick de Man is CEO of Geodesic Energy LLC, a firm he co-founded in Puerto Rico in 2018. He oversees the firm’s trading activity and actively trades himself. Previously, Patrick traded at Raiden Commodities, a firm he started in 2011 with a former colleague from Lehman Brothers.

Prior to Raiden, Patrick got his first experiences with the nodal markets at RBS Sempra Commodities where he joined Sempra’s FTR trading desk. Before Sempra, Patrick started his career in the power markets in 2006 at Lehman Brothers, where he worked on the structured power desk and managed the option book for the ERCOT market. Before entering the power markets, Patrick worked as a chemical engineer in the polymer manufacturing industry in the Netherlands.

Patrick is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a PhD in chemical engineering and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He obtained an MSc in chemical engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology in 1998. He was accepted into the Japan Prizewinners Programme that year and spent one year between Leiden University and Japan studying the Japanese language, business, and culture, on a scholarship from the Ministry of Education of the Netherlands. Currently, Patrick lives in Puerto Rico with his wife and their two children.

Patrick de Man


Jack Farley

Jack Farley serves as Executive Vice President at HIF USA where he is responsible for arranging green electricity supply for global-scale efuel projects in North America.  Prior to joining HIF, Mr. Farley was President of Live Power (a wholly owned subsidiary of Yes Energy), which operates a proprietary network of patented sensors to measure power plant production and transmission line flows.  

Previously, Mr. Farley was President of Apex CAES, LLC, a company focused on development of long duration energy storage.  Before joining Apex, he was Senior Vice President of Cinergy Corp., (now owned by Duke Energy) where he was responsible for the Power Trading and Marketing group. Prior to joining Cinergy, Mr. Farley was President of the West Region at Reliant Resources (now owned by NRG Energy). 

Jack Farley (Resized) 

Leticia Gonzales

Leticia Gonzales joined Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) as a markets contributor in 2014 after spending nine years at what is now known as S&P Global Commodity Insights. She joined NGI full time in 2019 to cover North American natural gas markets and news, and in 2021 was appointed Price & Markets Editor. In this role, Leticia oversees NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index, including the process for calculating, monitoring and publishing its natural gas price indexes. She also helps determine and update NGI’s various methodologies, serves as the subject matter expert for the U.S. natural gas market and supports NGI’s overall company strategy.

LETTIE (Resized)


Garrett Morrow

Garrett Morrow currently serves as the Head of Power and Energy Management at Northern Data, where he focuses on energy strategy, power market participation, hedging, and demand response.
Prior to joining Northern Data, Garrett spent seven years at a renewable energy IPP; focusing on prop. trading, hedging, active scheduling, managing the companies FTR portfolio across all the ISOs, and most notably lead the company’s behind-the-meter bitcoin mining initiative.
Garrett also serves as a Strategic Advisor to cleantech startup, Clean Incentive; which utilizes digital certificates to verify a number of GHG reducing business practices across the energy and datacenter industries.

Titiaan Palazzi

Titiaan Palazzi is an Industry Principal at Snowflake, serving as the global Head of Power & Utilities. In his role, he works with executives at energy companies to help them leverage technology to increase revenue, reduce costs, and launch new products. 

He joined Snowflake in January 2023 through the acquisition of Myst AI (“Myst”), a company he co-founded and where he led all commercial activity as COO. 

Before founding Myst, Titiaan was a manager at RMI, a think tank focused on the energy transition. Titiaan joined RMI as special aide to RMI’s founder Amory Lovins, with whom he consulted Fortune 500 CEOs and heads of state. He later ran a program to help U.S. utilities procure solar and battery storage.

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Steve Reedy

Steve Reedy is CEO at CIM View.  With over 15 years of experience, Steve is an expert in wholesale electricity markets, particularly ERCOT. He brings analytical skills both as a market operator and a market participant. With exceptional communication skills, Steve has demonstrated a knack for solving problems of any size in a professional environment.

Steve and the team at CIM View work to help market participants understand the intricacies of the ERCOT market through insightful meeting notes, expert analysis, and comprehensive data analytics.

Steve Reedy (resized)


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