Snowflake + Yes Energy


Snowflake Technology Partnership

Our partnership with Snowflake allows Yes Energy to deliver DataSignals Cloud our high volume and high velocity data through a platform with the look and feel of a relational database, the elasticity and power of cloud computing, best-in-class security, and a low maintenance architecture.

Snowflake enables organizations to mobilize their data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Thousands of customers use the Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single data experience that spans multiple clouds and geographies. Learn more at

DataSignals Cloud on Snowflake is valuable for…

  • Power Traders – Access Yes Energy’s entire inventory of real-time and historical data with no query or compute limits.

  • Data Scientists – Execute performant, elastic, and secure data processing, analytics, and end-to-end machine learning using your language of choice (SQL, Python, Java, Scala and others).

  • Information Technology (IT) – Improve agility, accelerate business transformations, strengthen governance, and enhance stakeholder experience, productivity, and collaboration by serving users and applications via the cloud.

  • Risk Managers – Integrate timely and accurate data and metrics with in-house reporting and ETRMs. 

Yes Energy data on Snowflake


DataSignals Cloud on Snowflake 

Yes Energy shares DataSignals Cloud through the Snowflake Marketplace to Snowflake accounts hosted on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Want to Learn More About Snowflake?

Click here to connect with Yes Energy on the Snowflake Marketplace or click here to activate a 30-day free Snowflake trial. Reach out to to learn more about our partnership with Snowflake.

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