Enertel AI + Yes Energy

Enertel AI Solutions Partnership

Yes Energy’s partnership with Enertel gives our customers the opportunity to gain an even better understanding of where the markets are going without leaving our suite of products. Enertel’s forecasts are powered by our best-in-class data and their cutting-edge ML, MLops, and deep domain expertise. Additionally, Enertel’s forecasts are integrated into our best-in-class visualization and analysis tools alongside the myriad best-in-class data we offer, empowering optimal data-driven decision making for our clients.

Enertel AI is valuable for… 

  • Power Traders - Outpace the competition with accurate, renewable price, load, and generation forecasts. Spot market inefficiencies and opportunities to inform lucrative bids.

  • Asset Operators - Predict how renewable resources like wind and solar will impact the day-ahead and real-time markets, allowing you to make informed decisions about what to bid, as well as when to ramp up or down. 

  • Renewables Operators - Use price, load, and generation forecasts to inform your assets and decide where to develop, as well as what to bid into the day-ahead and real-time markets. 

  • IT & Data Scientists - Avoid the complexity of ML data pipelines by simply choosing any time series at any grid object in North America to spin up a reliable model in minutes. 

  • Utilities Professionals - Use reliable and accurate load forecasts to prepare for system demands. 

Data Integration in Yes Energy:

Enertel AI forecasts can be accessed in our PowerSignals, QuickSignals, and DataSignals solutions. 


Enertel AI & PowerSignals - 

Users can leverage Enertel AI forecasts in many of the analytical modules in PowerSignals, including in the Time Series Analysis module and the Like Day module.


Enertel AI & QuickSignals -

Users can add Enertel AI forecasts to real-time dashboards in QuickSignals, as well as create alerts and custom formulas using the Enertel AI forecasts.


Enertel AI & DataSignals API and Cloud -

Enertel AI forecasts can be accessed within the DataSignals API and Cloud products, allowing you to analyze and feed the data into your own custom models.

Want to Learn More About Enertel AI?

Reach out to support@yesenergy.com to learn more about our partnership with Enertel AI. Contact Enertel AI here if you want to learn more about their platform.