Live Power Dataset

Minute-by-Minute Market Insights with Real-Time Generation and Transmission Data

Live Power® delivers fastest-in-industry reporting of generation and transmission flow data. High-accuracy, real-time grid data is delivered every 60 seconds from a network of proprietary, patented sensors. With superior coverage of the most relevant plant and transmission lines, Live Power captures today’s most important market dynamics.


Live Power Full Coverage

With the Live Power Dataset, you get:

  • Fastest-in-industry reporting supports first-mover advantage

  • High accuracy generation data from patented measurement technology with advanced capabilities

  • Superior coverage with more monitored plant and transmission line data

  • Plant and transmission flow measurements of the most relevant resources focused on today’s important market dynamics and customer input

The Live Power Dataset is ideal for:

  • Seeing online/offline dispatchable capacity and output

  • Seeing inter-zone transmission flows

  • Seeing renewable production on the geographic “edges” of the market

  • Seeing sudden plant and line outages

  • Capturing today’s grid flows

  • Calibration / updating internal models

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