Infrastructure Insights Dataset

The Most Detailed Interconnection Queue Data

The Infrastructure Insights Dataset is the deepest and the most thoroughly researched database of all energy infrastructure projects in North America. This interconnection queue data gives you access to deep insights into the ever-changing status of planned generation, transmission and distribution, and load center (ex: industrial, data centers, bitcoin) facilities coming online or retiring across the US.

By incorporating infrastructure projects into their analysis, asset developers and investors can better understand upcoming changes to supply and demand that might impact asset revenue while traders can better understand how grid changes may impact long-term positions.

Infrastructure Insights Dataset, interconnection queue data, UI

With the Infrastructure Insights Dataset, you get:

  • Key interconnection queue data for projects including:
    • Location
    • Project type
    • Ownership information
    • Status/status history
    • Plant/line characteristics and equipment information
    • Timeline
    • PPA/offtake information for plants
    • Related news 
  • Comprehensive data around new projects, retirements, and major upgrades; data procured from over 2,000 sources, dataset includes: 
    • Over 7,000 generation projects
    • Over 11,000 transmission and distribution projects
    • Over 1,500 load center projects including industrial, data centers, and bitcoin
    • Upcoming retirements across generation and transmission space

The Infrastructure Insights Dataset is ideal for:

  • Understanding upcoming changes to generation, transmission, or demand to inform asset development and investment decisions, forecasts, and modeling.

  • Making accurate forward-looking decisions related to longer-term trading and asset management.