IIR Energy + Yes Energy


IIR Energy Solutions Partnership

IIR Energy provides unit-level detail on operational power generation assets, planned and unplanned outage coverage, and data on new builds and future retirements.  Yes Energy has integrated their comprehensive generation outage data, including start and end dates, causes, and repair progress, throughout their products. IIR Energy’s generation outage data alongside the wide range of data already available in the Yes Energy products provide a better view of underlying market fundamentals and provides critical supply-side insight for power traders. 

IIR Energy has been an industry leader for many years and we partnered with them because their data gives you insight into the future, helping you make more informed decisions. Live Power subscribers get the added benefit of knowing when to expect an outage at a plant in order to start/end using data from IIR Energy and compare it with when the plants actually come back online, using the real-time 60-second generation and transmission data from Live Power, making your view of the grid comprehensive.

IIR Energy is valuable for… 

  • Power Traders - Get insight into when generators will be offline, which could lead to binding constraints and increasing prices in the real-time and day-ahead markets. 

  • Asset Managers/Developers - Identify which plants are offline at what times, helping to determine when to operate assets.

  • Renewable Developers - Generation outage data for accurate risk assessment and confidence in your investment.

  • Data Scientists - Access comprehensive, historical generation outage data to feed your models.  Identify trends in when certain plants go offline and what impact that has on prices. 

Data Integration in Yes Energy:

IIR Energy generation outage data can be accessed in many of Yes Energy’s products, including PowerSignals and DataSignals.



IIR Energy Data in PowerSignals

Users can leverage IIR generation outage data in many of the analytical modules in PowerSignals, including in the time series module, generation outages module, and map modules.



IIR Energy Data in DataSignals

With IIR Energy in DataSignals, align both actual and planned outages with market events. Their data helps provide transparency into the supply stack - see what units are available and what units have planned or unplanned outages. These can cause pricing changes that are beneficial to capture from both a profit and a risk perspective.

Want to Learn More About IIR Energy?

Reach out to partners@yesenergy.com to learn more about our partnership with IIR or to learn how you can access the generation outage data you subscribe to from IIR within Yes Energy. Contact IIR at iirteam@iirenergy.com if you want to learn more about their products.