FERC EQR Dataset

Understand Your Competitors’ Power Market Activities

FERC Electric Quarterly Reporting (EQR) data tracks all physical contracts and transactions in wholesale power markets, including information about the buyer, seller, price, quantity, and location. We collect it, standardize it, and map it to plants, companies, and price nodes to give you competitive intelligence around how buyers and sellers are transacting wholesale power. For any market participant, you can understand what physical products (energy, capacity, ancillary services) they purchase or sell, who their counterparties are, and the terms of each transaction. EQR tracks all physical transactions ranging from a 5 min sale of power into a real time ISO market, to a multi year power purchase agreement between a power plant and utility, to capacity and ancillary services payments. Using our EQR Dataset, you can quickly perform analysis at the plant or company level.

The EQR Dataset is ideal for asset developers and operators seeking to understand how competitors operate and monetize their assets, as well as power marketers seeking to gain competitive intelligence when negotiating deals such as offtake agreements.

EQR Dataset