Delivering transparency to electricity market transactions

Transaction View

The power industry is constantly evolving.  The generation stack is changing, new markets and sub-markets are emerging, and the days of easy, reliable, long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are gone.  Whether you participate in ISO markets or in regulated areas of the U.S., it’s vital that you have access to transparent market data capable of informing your trading or asset strategy in this increasingly complex industry.  Big Data is here, and in order to be a competitive player, you need to leverage that data to drive better decision-making and enhance your business strategy. 

Yes Energy believes in the power of data.  Transaction View allows you to easily and accurately analyze more wholesale electricity market data than ever before.  Transaction View utilizes data from the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee’s (FERC’s) Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR) in both deregulated and regulated markets and transforms it into easily consumable and actionable formats.  

If you are a power marketer, originator, asset developer, or asset operator wanting to accelerate your decision making and confidently expand your strategies with competitive benchmarks, Transaction View was made for you.  Transaction View will power your business by informing a better business strategy with the most comprehensive wholesale electricity market data available.

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Insights provided by Transaction View include: 

  • Data to inform your pricing or buying strategy, giving you an edge in your deal negotiations 

  • Access to the data your investors need to inform their investment decisions and analyze plant revenue and operations

  • Quickly and easily view power transactions by power asset, company, or landscape of a region

  • Competitive insight into your competitor’s transactions and business strategy

  • Prospect identification - discover entities who have power contracts coming to an end

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