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 Tesla Forecasting solutions partnership

Yes Energy’s partnership with TESLA Forecasting Solutions allows our customers to access wholesale, grid, and utility level forecasts within our tools.

TESLA Forecasting Solutions provides highly accurate and reliable forecasts using their proprietary forecasting engines.  Custom and renewable forecasts are also easily uploaded into our product so you never have to disrupt your workflow.

TESLA’s solution feeds comprehensive weather variables and calendar information to their proprietary algorithms.  The TESLA solution is an advanced regression model that uses detailed demand and weather observation history and incorporates the latest near-term data to respond to changing weather patterns, extreme weather events, and holidays that might impact energy demand.  There is an expert team of analysts and engineers reviewing and maintaining every model, ensuring accurate and reliable forecasting.

tesla is valuable for…

  • Power Traders – Be the first to know when weather events, changing conditions, and holidays will impact energy demand and get a leg up on the competition. 

  • Utilities – Custom topographies to forecast specific service territory demand.

  • Retailers – Gain an understanding of what the future demand will be. 

  • Generators – Prepare for everything; know what to expect on typically less predictable days. 

  • Grid operators – Use accurate forecasts to predict demand and prepare to balance the grid.

data integration in yes Energy

Yes Energy has integrated TESLA’s Tier 1 (system-wide), Tier 2 (regional), and Tier 3 (utility level) wholesale market load forecasts into our solutions. These forecasts can be accessed in QuickSignals, Time Series Analysis, Forecast Vintage, and DataSignals. If you are a subscriber to TESLA’s renewable or custom forecasts we’ve also made it easy to upload these into our tools.

Quick Signals

TESLA & QuickSignals

Access TESLA load forecasts in any of the QuickSignals widgets on your Dashboard. View this data in real-time alongside all of the other real-time data and use the TESLA data series in the alert setting feature. 

TESLA & PowerSignals

  • Time Series Analysis - Access all of the available TESLA load forecast data series from within this module where you can layer this data onto Yes Energy’s complete library of datasets (e.g., price, load, and weather data).

  • Forecast Vintage - Access vintages of TESLA forecasts using this module allowing you to see how forecasts are changing over time.


TESLA & DataSignals

TESLA load forecast data can be accessed within the DataSignals products, allowing you to analyze and feed the data into your own custom models. We’ve created endpoints specifically for TESLA data making it simple to quickly access the data you need.

want to learn more about tesla forecasting solutions?

Check out this interview with TESLA!

Reach out to to learn more about our partnership with TESLA Forecasting Solutions or to learn how you can access TESLA load forecasts in Yes Energy.  Click here to learn more about TESLA Forecasting Solutions’ products and to sign up for a free trial!