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  • Support decisions with comprehensive market data

  • Optimize trading in CENACE Mexico Nodal power market.

  • Access & analyze historical & real-time data throughout PowerSignals Modules

  • Monitor the market in real-time via dashboards in QuickSignals

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YEs Energy's trading suite for cenace mexico prepares you to lead the way in this new market

Yes Energy Mexico is a graphical decision support platform that will optimize your trading in this newly formed market.  Get on board early to stay up-to-date on all of the latest developments Rest assured that we are closely monitoring this market and consistently integrating new features & enhancements as this market emerges.


Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. PowerSignals Submission Services comes with the same dedicated on-call support staff.



  • Day Ahead & Real-Time LMPs for Trading Hubs

  • Extensive historical data

  • Price maps with Transmission, Generation & Weather data

  • Dynamic platform that evolves with the markets

  • Integrated view of market drivers

  • Charts, graphs, alerts, watchlists

  • FTR Analysis Tools

  • Exchange rates & currency Conversion