The heart of Yes Energy’s suite of trader tools. Real time and historic ISO market data transformed into insight. 1,000+ power traders use PowerSignals.

Monitor the market in real time via custom dashboards, mobile and desktop alerting tools and watchlists. Drill-through integration with PowerSignals’ history and analytics.

Feed PowerSignals data directly into your workflows: spreadsheets and other in-house solutions. Integrate with Yes Energy’s real time, value-added data and avoid the hassles of ISO data collection.

Reduce your risk and increase your return. Trader-friendly tools to optimize portfolios via profit analytics and risk models. LEARN MORE >>


Our Unique Approach

Why are we called Yes Energy? Because our business was founded on the principle of saying “yes” to customers. Our culture is infused with a “can do” spirit and a drive to do more to help power market participants make great decisions.

We use a visual approach in our solutions. We are known for our intuitive, map-based interface, graphics-rich analytics and powerful scans that reveal market opportunities as they emerge in real time.  

We also care about power markets that work and we are devoted to keeping up with them as they evolve. We are simply the best at collecting and integrating power market data so that our customers don’t have to.


Meet Our
Amazing Team

Yes Energy is an exceptional team of highly-skilled professionals. We're all power market experts in one way or another and most of our team has devoted their careers to energy market information.

We are motivated, curious people who love to solve tricky problems with innovative solutions. We set high standards, work hard to meet them and we believe saying "Yes" to customers is the right way to do business. 


See What We've
Been Working On

DataSignals API

Have you ever wanted to feed our real time and historic market data directly into your own workflows? Our new DataSignals API makes it easier than ever to access the critical ISO market data in the solutions you are already using-- Excel, R, MATLAB, Tableau, databases and more.


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