• Feed your in-house solution with all of the ISO market data that you need to trade

  • Avoid the hassles and cost of real time data collection

  • Don’t miss a minute of trading-- rely on a data source that is always “up”

  • Count on Yes Energy to keep up with market additions and changes



Easy, API-based option that is fantastic for Excel users and robust enough for system integrators.  Access the same content that lives in PowerSignals, QuickSignals and RiskSignals.  Large and growing library of API query endpoints.  


Live replica of the Yes Energy database in Oracle on a fast server dedicated to your company.  Add your data and analytics software to build a powerful proprietary information system.  Advanced hardware is hosted in our sophisticated and secure data center.


  • All of the critical ISO market data today ... and as the markets evolve

  • Nodal prices, load levels, weather conditions, transmission outages, generator outages, constraints, fuel prices, FTR auction outcomes

  • Real time data with the same latency as the ISO source data

  • Historic data includes ISO corrections and updates

  • Easily feed market data into your spreadsheets and in-house tools

  • Linked to the familiar data and modules in PowerSignals, QuickSignals and RiskSignals

Feed Your Models with
Trader-Ready Data

DataSignals offers a flexible and easy way to feed your in-house spreadsheets, statistical solutions and databases with real time and historic market data. It frees you and your organization from the hassle of collecting and maintaining the ISO market data including keeping up with data changes and data expansion when new markets open.  

Our 24x7 system reliability also means you no longer have to worry about data interruption from internal system outages and downtime, and you can count on Yes Energy to be dealing with glitches on the source data side.


Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Along with onsite training and our extensive library of online tutorials, DataSignals includes access to our dedicated, on-call support staff.