User Interface Developer

Yes Energy – Boulder, CO or Chicago, IL

This is a great opportunity for a junior developer or a recent graduate.  You will work with a small and motivated team to learn about, design and develop highly interactive data visualization tools.  You will be able to grow your skills and contribution as part of a dynamic business.  You also will be part of our transition from Adobe Flex to current web design and development trends including HTML5.

We are looking for someone at an early stage in his or her career.  And someone who shares our passion for technology.  Most of our team have been programming since we were kids.  For us technology isn’t just a job, it’s a hobby.  So if you are the sort of person who always has a little side programming project or is always tinkering with some new language, we’d love to have you on our team.


Send your resume and cover letter to



  • Mock-up, design and implement complex, yet intuitive, user interface layouts.
  • Develop creative new techniques to visualize large, complex data sets.
  • Assist in researching and implementing next-generation HTML5 tool sets.
  • Manipulate and transform data using Javascript, Java, SQL, and dynamic scripting languages.


  • A strong academic background in Computer Science or Engineering/Math/Physics with programming experience.
  • Strong project or internship experience with web based development.
  • Deep understanding of object oriented coding and design patterns in Java or other object oriented languages.
  • Experience with service oriented architectures and design concepts.
  • Experience with Tomcat or other Java-based middleware is a plus.